1 –   Yds Sınavı  ( Yds Sınavı   için Bireysel -Kişiye yönelik Özel Ders )
2 –  Yds Sınavı  ( Yds Sınavı   için 4 Kişilik Grup Dersi )

1 – Inquiries began into a spate of factory-worker suicides at Foxconn’s industrial park in Shenzhen, ……………… the Taiwanese firm assembles products for tech companies.

a) which
b) of which
c) where
d) whom
e) that

2 – This makes climate studies highly dependent on models, ………… invariably and unavoidably make simplifying assumptions

a) that
b) who
c) in whom
d) which
e) whose

3 – Understanding those responses makes it possible to model ………. changes in climate might mean to the incidence of the disease

a) what
b) where
c) whose
d) how many
e) which

4 – the areas …….. the greatest declines in transmission have recently been seen thanks to increased intervention.

a) which
b) at which
c) whose
d) what
e) where

5 – The recent discovery of gruesome rape cases ………… children were involved in the southeastern province of Siirt and their “sensational” and “extensive” coverage by the media has sparked a debate on the way.

a) which
b) that
c) in which
d) whose
e) who

Yds Sınavı , Bağlaçlar

6 – ………….. antiretroviral drugs do not cure the user, they cause the level of the virus in his body to drop to a point where it is harmless—and also unlikely to be passed on to sexual partners.

a) in spite of
b) despite
c) when
d) as
e) although
7 – Both incidents led to outrage in the country ………….. children were the victims in both cases as well as the offenders in the first case.

a) while
b) when
c) once
d) as
e) as soon as
8 – …………….some noted that the media’s coverage of such cases was important for them to come to the surface and for the offenders to be brought to justice, others held the media responsible for promoting similar cases and violating the personal rights of both the victims and the suspects.

a) where
b) while
c) when
d) what
e) as

9 – ………. you walk around the streets of Sultanbeyli, you see school-aged children on every street, peddling items like tissues, water and socks.

a) when
b) while
c) if
d) as if
e) provided
10 – He now attends school regularly and has a group of friends …………… he participates in recreational activities.

a) who
b) whom
c) which
d) while
e) with whom